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‘Demonrift TD’ from the Developers of ‘Defender Chronicles’ Resurfaces and is Looking for Beta Testers

Old school iPhone gamers may remember the Defender Chronicles series of tower defense/RPG hybrids that were a joint development between Gimka Entertainment and Menara Games. The original launched way back in the summer of 2009, with a sequel following about 3 years later. Both titles offered sprawling adventures to enjoy and a unique twist on the tower defense genre, which was overly saturated in those years, and Defender Chronicles built up quite a following in the mobile gaming community. It was due to that pedigree that we were excited when one of the developers of that series, Menara Games, announced that they were working on a new tower defense RPG called Demonrift TD: Mountain of Doom, which would actually be an enhanced version of their popular Flash game of the same name. Phew! You still following along? Anyway, we never heard anything more about Demonrift TD after that initial announcement in 2016. That is until this past weekend when Menara Games resurfaced on our forums to say that the game was finally nearing the finish line. Here is a recent trailer.

Menara’s Youtube channel has a few other pretty recent videos of Demonrift TD if you want to scope out some more, and they reveal in our forums that the game has actually been in development since 2013(!) and due to all sorts of circumstances they haven’t been able to finish it up until now. Seven years later. I love stories like this though, where a game that many had probably long figured was cancelled and never coming out actually lives to see the light of day. The game is also at the point where Menara is looking for some folks to take this nearly complete version for a spin to kick the tires and hopefully suss out any bugs or problems. If this sort of thing interests you, you can find a link to the Testflight version in the game’s forum thread, as well as a link to the game’s Discord channel. While no release date has been settled on just yet, it appears as if Demonrift TD is very close to completion, so if you enjoy tower defense titles with RPG-style depth then keep your eyes peeled for this one soon or take the beta version for an early spin.