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Monster Raising Game ‘Monster Rancher 2’ from Koei Tecmo Releases This September in Japan with Pre-Orders Now Live on the App Store

Earlier this month, Koei Tecmo announced that Monster Rancher 2 will be coming to iOS, Android, and Nintendo Switch this Fall. Monster Rancher 2 on mobile will include improvements and new content and it follows the original release that arrived on mobile and Nintendo Switch. Koei Tecmo brought the original PlayStation Monster Rancher to iOS, Android, and Nintendo Switch in Japan but a localisation has still not been announced. Today, Koei Tecmo released the first gameplay trailer for the monster raising sequel Monster Rancher 2 in addition to beginning online pre-orders and pre-registrations on iOS and Android. Watch the trailer for Monster Rancher 2 on iOS, Android, and Nintendo Switch below:

While a release date hasn’t been announced, the App Store pre-order page has Monster Rancher 2 listed for September 17th. It is priced at 2820 Yen (about $27) on both iOS and Android. The first game was a digital release on Nintendo Switch so expect this to also be a digital release. Hopefully Koei Tecmo considers localising them in the future. If you’d like to check out the Japanese release, you can pre-order Monster Rancher 2 on the App Store for iOS here and Google Play for Android here. Have you played Monster Rancher or Monster Rancher 2 before on any system?

[Source: Gematsu]