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Watch the First Trailer for the Upcoming iOS and Android Port of ‘Monster Rancher’ with Pre-Registrations Now Live on the App Store

Monster Rancher was originally released on the first PlayStation back in 1997. It was released as Monster Farm in Japan. The series of simulation RPGs has gone through loads of releases across different platforms over the years and Koei Tecmo announced a mobile (and Nintendo Switch) port of the original a little while ago. Tokyo Game Show 2019 is going on right now and while Shaun is attending the event, I’ll be posting all the important mobile announcements and reveals. Monster Rancher is set to release on iOS, Android, and Nintendo Switch. Watch the first trailer for the port below:

This port will have all contents from the original PlayStation game included including breeding and battling monsters. There will be PVP and instead of using CDs like the PlayStation game, you will be able to select names and artists from a database online to generate monsters. The original game allowed CD playback to generate monsters. I’ve heard a lot about this series and will definitely check it out if it gets localised on iOS or Nintendo Switch.

If you’re interested in checking it out, you can pre-order Monster Rancher on the App Store in Japan right now. It releases on November 28th going by the App Store listing and will cost 1900 Yen which is just under $18. It will likely arrive on Android and Nintendo Switch on the same day or around November 28th. Have you played Monster Rancher on any system before?

[Source: Gematsu]