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Narrative Driven Platformer ‘Ministry of Broadcast’ Is Coming to iOS This September

Ministry of Broadcast debuted on PC in January this year before it arrived on Nintendo Switch in April. Ministry of Broadcast is a narrative driven cinematic platformer. It has been inspired by the original Prince of Persia and features themes fro Orwell’s 1984. An iOS version was just announced on Pocket Gamer’s LaunchPad. Ministry of Broadcast is a game I saw a lot of discussion around back with the Nintendo Switch release and was waiting to get the physical release. I’ll just play it on iOS when it arrives this year. Watch the Nintendo Switch trailer for Ministry of Broadcast below:

Ministry of Broadcast is currently available on Steam and Nintendo Switch. It arrives on mobile through the iOS version which is planned for a September release. No pricing details are available as of now. The Steam version is priced at $14.99. Check it out here. I’ve always liked the aesthetic for Ministry of Broadcast and every bit of footage of the story has had some good humour. I’m looking forward to playing it in a few months when it hits iOS. Have you played Ministry of Broadcast on Steam or Nintendo Switch yet?

[Source: Pocket Gamer]