‘Door Kickers: Action Squad’ from KillHouse Games Just Got Updated to Add Controller Support

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Door Kickers: Action Squad ($2.99) from KillHouse Games debuted on consoles and PC a while go before it finally arrived on iOS and Android. The side-scrolling action game with a tactical flavour and retro inspired visuals was a ton of fun but the lack of controller support was a dealbreaker for many people. We featured it as our Game of the Week when it launched on iOS. Door Kickers: Action Squad just got updated to bring in controller support and it works brilliantly. It automatically hides buttons on the screen when I turn my controller on and switches back when it goes off.

Check out Shaun’s review of Door Kickers: Action Squad on Switch in our SwitchArcade round-up here. KillHouse Games’ Door Kickers: Action Squad is available for $14.99 on Nintendo Switch right now and as usual, the iOS version is much cheaper at just $2.99. On Steam, a soundtrack is also available for the side-scrolling action game in addition to the game itself. If you’re interested in checking it out on mobile, you can buy it on the App Store here for iOS here and on Google Play for Android here. Check out our forum thread for Door Kickers: Action Squad as well. Have you played Door Kickers: Action Squad yet?

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