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‘Circulous’, the Semi-Sequel to ‘The Company Game’ from Teenage Developer Chain Reaction Games, Now Available for Pre-Order

Brayden Gogis has been creating mobile apps since the second grade. Why do I know this? Because that bit of info was part of a “Meet the Developer" feature that Apple created about Brayden and his studio Chain Reaction games in January of this year to celebrate the release of his most recent game Solisquare (Free). About a year before that, when Brayden was just 14 years old, he released an extremely clever puzzle game called The Company Game ($1.99) that had you using your iOS device itself to solve all sorts of brain-bending puzzles in ways that you probably would never have dreamed of. Now, to coincide with the kicking off of Apple’s WWDC this week, Brayden has put his upcoming game Circuolous up for pre-order ahead of its planned launch in August. Here’s a brief teaser.

If you were a fan of The Company Game you’ll be happy to know that Circulous is a successor of sorts to that game, but it “dials everything up to 11" according to a quote from Brayden over at Cult of Mac. That means you can expect more escape room-style puzzle-solving and even more clever uses of the iOS hardware, but that it will all be blended with a full illustrated and animated story. You’ll frequently be popping into the world where that your character inhabits, and then switching to her mobile devices by way of your actual device in your hands. There’s a faux operating system and everything. It all sounds really cool and like yet another excellent game from an extremely talented young developer. You can pre-order Circulous over on the App Store right now for $3.99 and its planned release date is August 13th.