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A New ‘Metal Slug’ Mobile Game Is in Development at SNK with Plans for a Release This Year

Over the years, we’ve had loads of Metal Slug releases on mobile through ports or free to play releases and spinoffs on iOS and Android. It looks like a new mobile Metal Slug game is in development at SNK in Japan alongside a console Metal Slug game going by an announcement from SNK Interactive in Korea (via Siliconera). A new console Metal Slug game was announced but the existence of a new mobile game done internally is new and this title is yet to be revealed. This game is separate from the Metal Slug game being developed at Tencent’s Timi Studio as well.

The mobile game’s development is 80% complete. It is suppoed to be a 2D ide scrolling card game and it is aiming for a release this year on iOS and Android. The SNK Interactive announcement also reaffirms the console game’s release for this year. More information about it is not available as of this writing. Given the plans to release it this year, it is likely we will get an announcement from SNK revealing the game in the near future. It is even possible that it might be revealed at the plethora of digital events taking place this month with E3 2020 being cancelled. What is your favourite Metal Slug game?

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