The ‘Identity V’ ‘Danganronpa’ Collaboration is Now Live on iOS and Android

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NetEase’s Identity V (Free) is an asymmetrical multiplayer experience that we have covered a few times. When Spike Chunsoft announced multiple iOS and Android ports of the Danganronpa franchise, an Identity V crossover was also revealed. Since then, the first Danganronpa game arrived on mobile this week. Today, the Identity V crossover has begun with Danganronpa featuring various characters from the franchise. The trailer below has some spoilers so I wouldn’t recommend watching it unless you have already played or know the story for Danganronpa Trigger Happy Havoc. Watch some gameplay from the crossover below:

This crossover features Monokuma (S Costume: Bonbon), Makoto Naegi (A Costume: Lucky Guy), Kyoko Kirigiri (A Costume: Martha Behamfil), Mono Mono Machine (S Accessory: Bonbon) and more. The rocket chairs in the manor have now become Monokuma’s spaceships. Everyone continues forward with hope in the midst of despair in the manor. The crossover is now live for a limited time and I imagine it will get an update in June when we likely will get Danganronpa 2 on iOS and Android. If you’ve not checked it out yet, Identity V is available on the App Store and Google Play for free. Have you been playing Identity V recently?

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