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Long-Awaited ‘Soda Dungeon 2’ Hits iOS and Steam on July 9th, Android Early Access Version Available Now

Armor Games has been responsible for countless awesome games over the years, starting first as a Flash games portal in the mid 2000s and growing into a full-fledged publisher and developer of games on mobile, desktop, and console in the years since. One game that always comes to mind as a major favorite from their library is a quirky little game called Soda Dungeon which was developed by Afro-Ninja Productions and published by Armor. It first arrived on mobile in the fall of 2015 and has you recruiting a party of adventurers from the local soda pop watering hole so that you can then send them into perilous dungeons and almost certain death so they can retrieve great rewards for you without you having to actually get your own hands dirty. With its near-perfect progression system and bite-sized gameplay, not to mention probably the most fair free to play payment model we’d ever seen, Soda Dungeon was a perfect little slice of fun for mobile and we loved it in our original review from back when it released. There have been a number of nice content updates to the game since then too, but what fans REALLY have been wanting to know is when can we finally get our hands on Soda Dungeon 2? Well this new trailer contains the answer.

Yes, in about a month and a half’s time you’ll be able to download Soda Dungeon 2 on your iOS or Android device, or on desktop on Steam. As for what you can expect from this sequel, just imagine the original Soda Dungeon but bigger and better in every way. Bigger and crazier bosses, an expansive cast of adventurers to recruit, tons of crazy loot to collect, and more. If you’re an Android device owner then there’s an extra special bit of news for you, as Soda Dungeon 2 has also launched in Early Access on the Google Play Store as of today, so if you’re down to play around with the not-quite-final Early Access version you can do that right this instant. For us iOS and Steam players, or Android players who just prefer to wait for the finished product, check out the full release of Soda Dungeon 2 when it hits those respective app stores on July 9th for free.