Puzzle Sorting Experience ‘Wilmot’s Warehouse’ Is Out Now on iOS as a Premium Release

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Wilmot’s Warehouse ($4.99) debuted on Nintendo Switch and PC platforms a little while ago. It is a puzzler about sorting inventory in a warehouse with some of the most elegant visuals. I had no idea about the game when it launched on Nintendo Switch and literally bought it after seeing how gorgeous some of the iconography was in the trailer. It was a good decision because Wilmot’s Warehouse is a super relaxing experience despite seeming like something that would stress you out. If you enjoy organising things, this is the game for you. Watch the original launch trailer below:

Wilmot’s Warehouse has you arranging and organising stuff as you please before you get orders from the service hatch. The key to being able to excel here is remembering how and where you organise and put everything in the warehouse. When the service hatch opens, you get orders for various things and you need to hurry to get them for your co-workers. Wilmot’s Warehouse launched for $14.99 on Nintendo Switch and PC and it is now available as a premium release on iOS for just $4.99. Check out the official website here. Did you play Wilmot’s Warehouse on PC or Nintendo Switch?

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