Wonderful Turn-Based Puzzler ‘Swim Out’ is Updated and Currently On Sale for a Buck

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Just shy of three years ago developer Lozange Lab, aka husband and wife duo Mat and Ava, released a game called Swim Out ($2.99) into the App Store. It was a puzzle game that had you guiding your swimmer across a busy pool and to the exit without interfering with any of the other pool-goers. The whole thing was turn-based, with various rules for how and where you could move to, and while each of the game’s more than 100 levels weren’t scared to give your brain a major workout, there was something oddly calming and relaxing about the aesthetic in Swim Out. You could almost smell the pool water and feel the heat on your face as you played, making it a perfect little summer companion. We loved Swim Out in our original review and included it in our Best Games of 2017 list.

Today the latest update was released for Swim Out which adds some new quality of life features and some new cutscenes. Yes part of the chill charm of this game are the little animations that play when you beat a level, and this update adds 5 more to the existing 14 animations in the game. Lozange Lab has also made the camera movement smoother when entering a new pool, reaching a ladder, or throwing a projectile, and has fine-tuned the game’s physical controller support. Finally, this update adds 12 iMessage stickers as a special bonus. Probably the biggest news concerning this update is that Swim Out has dropped its price to the lowest it’s ever been at just 99¢, and it’ll remain there until May 25th when it jumps back up to its still pretty darn low price of $2.99. If you enjoy logic puzzlers and chill vibes, snagging Swim Out while it’s on sale is a great way to gear up ahead of summer.

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