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Perchang is Looking for ‘Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower’ Beta Testers

A few months back, developer Perchang announced a new entry in their Warhammer Quest turn-based strategy dungeon crawler series, which originated on mobile way back in 2013 and has made its way to consoles and PC in the time since. This new entry is called Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower, and Perchange describes it as “A turn based strategy in the Age of Sigmar setting. Where champions from all over the Mortal Realms enter the Silver Tower, home to the hideous Gaunt Summoner, to gain power, glory and riches beyond imagination. In their way are devoted Acolytes, mind shredding Daemons and all manner of monsters that make up the Summoner’s legions." Here’s that initial teaser trailer from the Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower announcement.

This new game is set to hit sometime later this year, and in fact it’s getting so near completion that Perchang is putting a call out for some beta testing help. If you want to get your hands on Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower a bit early and help smooth out its rough patches, then shoot an email to beta[at]perchang[dot]com and let them know you’re interested. They didn’t specify if the beta is for iOS, Android, or both, but considering it’s coming to both platforms they’d probably be interested to hear from users of either. We will continue to keep an ear out for an official release date, but in the mean time hit up Perchang about the beta testing and I’ll leave you with a handful of tasty new screenshots of Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower.