Freebie Alert: Vehicular Heist Game ‘PAKO 2’ is Free for the First Time Ever

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Just as they did when they made their awesome vehicular survival game PAKO – Car Chase Simulator free for a week in mid-March, developer Tree Men Games is doing the same thing with the sequel PAKO 2 which has just dropped down to free and will continue to be for the coming week. PAKO 2 is also a vehicular survival game like the original, but only at a very basic level, as the two games are actually quite different from each other. The original PAKO was all about picking a particular environment and trying to avoid obstacles and an increasingly aggressive police pursuit for as long as you possibly could before inevitably meeting your end. PAKO 2 has elements of that, but instead of being a one-hit and you’re dead game, you can actually take a bit of a beating before your run ends and even refill your life to keep the party going even longer. You can also fight back against that aggressive police pursuit by way of your armed passengers, and every level has a set of missions to complete in addition to shooting for the longest survival time.

Basically, the first PAKO is this really pure high score chaser arcade game, and PAKO 2 adds elements of depth and strategy that retain the core essence of the first game but expand on it in ways that makes it feel like a completely new experience. The sequel doesn’t supersede the original, and instead they complement each other. Well anyway, PAKO 2 launched on mobile in December of 2018 and besides a brief launch discount it’s never been on sale before, and has never been completely free before. For the rest of this week you can now grab this unbelievable gem totally for free for the first time ever. Obviously I’m a big fan and picked PAKO 2 as our Game of the Week when it released, and it’s one of a handful of games that I know for a fact I’ll have a good time with when I’m looking for something to play, and as long as it continues running on newer hardware it’ll be a permanent fixture on my device. Don’t let this chance to grab it for free pass you by.

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