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‘EVE: Echoes’ from CCP Games and Netease Arrives This August on iOS and Android with Pre-Registrations Now Live

EVE: Echoes from CCP Games and Netease was revealed back in 2018 for release on iOS and Android. It was originally set to release in 2019 but was delayed. Since then, we’ve had a bit of information revealed for it with closed tests announced. Over the weekend, CCP Games announced a release month and showcased an in-game trailer for the upcoming ambitious mobile MMO EVE: Echoes. EVE: Echoes is an EVE game set in an alternate universe. It promises to be a competent take on the massive EVE Online for mobile devices. Watch the new trailer for it below:

EVE: Echoes has been revealed to now release in August 2020 on iOS and Android. It is free to play as expected. Pre-registrations are now live for it on Google Play for Android and on the official website. Pre-register for the Android version here if you’re interested in checking it out this August. The developers of EVE: Echoes also had a long livestream discussing various aspects of the game including monetisation. Have you been playing EVE Online on PC platforms and are you looking forward to checking out EVE: Echoes on mobile this August?