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‘The Almost Gone’ Is Coming to iOS, Android, Nintendo Switch, and PC Platforms Next Month with Pre-Orders Now Live

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Last year, Playdigious announced that it was bringing The Almost Gone ($3.99) from Happy Volcano and Joost Vandecasteele to PC, mobile, and Nintendo Switch. The diorama like adventure game with great visuals was only available to wishlist on Steam when it was announced. Today, Playdigious revealed the release date for it with pre-orders and pre-registrations live. Watch the release date trailer for The Almost Gone below:

Your aim in The Almost Gone is to find the truth that led to you being trapped in between life and death. Read more about it here. If you’re interested in checking The Almost Gone out, you can wishlist it on Steam here, pre-order it on the App Store here for $3.99, or pre-register for it on Google Play here. The iOS pre-order is 30% off and you can get 30% off on the Android launch if you pre-register for it. Check out the official website here ahead of its release on June 25. Playdigious is yet to disappoint me on iOS so I’m definitely looking forward to checking this out next month.

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