‘Invisigun Reloaded’, a Top-Down Shooter Where Everyone is Invisible, is Launching on Mobile Soon

A few years back, developer Sombr Studio launched an incredibly unique take on the top-down shooter genre called Invisigun Heroes onto the desktop platform. Its main hook was that all of the opponents you were looking to gun down were invisible, but on the other hand, so were you! You’d have to follow environmental cues to understand where you and your opponents were on each map, adding a very interesting wrinkle to the somewhat overdone genre of retro-inspired top-down shooters. While there was a robust single player campaign to play through, Invisigun really shined brightest as a multiplayer game and through subsequent content updates the game eventually was rebranded Invisigun Reloaded. That version of the game made its was from desktop to the PlayStation 4 and the Nintendo Switch, the latter being especially well-suited to local multiplayer party games. Here is that Switch launch trailer so you can see what Invisigun Reloaded is all about.

You may have watched that trailer and though “Hey, Invisigun Reloaded seems like it could totally work on mobile, too!" Well friend if that was you then you’ve hit the nail on the head. Sombr Studio is indeed bringing Invisigun Reloaded to mobile, and in fact were it not for a last-minute issue it would already be here. The iOS version actually did launch over the weekend, but an issue with the IAP not working properly prompted the developer to pull it, and a fixed version should be on its way very shortly. If the mention of IAP has scared you, don’t worry. The initial version of Invisigun Reloaded comes with two characters unlocked with additional characters available as 99¢ IAP each. This game retails for $20 on other platforms (though it’s worth noting that the Switch version is currently on a crazy 99¢ sale) so selling it in this way on iOS seems like a fair way to offer it for cheaper without devaluing the game itself. No official word on when the fixed iOS version will be reappearing but in the meantime you can head over to our forums to discuss this one.