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NES-Inspired Action Platformer ‘The Curse of Issyos’ Coming to iOS April 30th, Discounted Pre-Order Available Now

For many years now developer Locomalito has been creating modern games that feel like they could authentically be passed off for games from the 8-bit, 16-bit, and arcade glory days. And for a number of years Abylight Studios has been publishing Locomalito’s efforts across a broad spectrum of platforms. That includes mobile, and you may already be familiar with Locomalito by way of the iOS ports of Super Hydorah ($4.99) or Cursed Castilla ($3.99). Now another Locomalito title is heading to iOS on April 30th courtesy of Abylight, and it’s called The Curse of Issyos. Whereas Cursed Castilla was heavily inspired by Capcom’s Ghosts ‘n Goblins series, and Super Hydorah channeled the souls of classic shoot ’em ups like Gradius and R-Type, The Curse of Issyos seems to be most influenced by Konami’s Castlevania series. Check out the iOS version in the following trailer.

Similar to the iOS version of Cursed Castilla, The Curse of Issyos will be sporting decorated borders on the sides of the screen where the virtual buttons will live, preserving the intended aspect ratio of the game screen, but it will also be compatible with MFi, Xbox One, and PS4 physical controllers. Also like Cursed Castilla you’ll be able to play the game in either portrait or landscape orientation, and it’ll support iCloud progress syncing and Game Center. The game itself will feature 7 levels, 9 bosses, and more than 40 different enemies as well as more than 30 kick ass tracks from long-time Locomalito music collaborator Gryzor87. You can currently pre-order the iOS version of The Curse of Issyos at a discounted price of just $1.99, otherwise you can grab it the regular old-fashioned way when it hits the App Store on April 30th.