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Interactive Visual Novel ‘If Found…’ From Dreamfeel and Annapurna Interactive Has a Confirmed Release Date for iOS and PC

Last year, dreamfeel and Annapurna Interactive revealed If Found… as an upcoming interactive visual novel for PC and iOS platforms. It has been in the works at dreamfeel for a while now. Dreamfeel and Llaura Ash McGee come together for an experience full of exploration, connection, isolation, and more. You play as Kasio who is destorying her diary and the game is set on New Year’s Eve. You explore locations ranging from a punk show to Kasio’s house and more. I’ve loved the aethetic ever since I saw the first trailer for it on Annapurna Interactive’s channel. Watch the new release date revel trailer for If Found… below:

If Found… releases on May 19th for PC and iOS worldwide. No pricing details are available as of now. I can’t wait to pre-order it on iOS when the App Store page goes live. Check out the official website for dreamfeel here. The Steam page for it has gone live and you can wishlist the game on Steam if you’d like here. Annapurna Interactive is yet to let me down with a game they publish. What is your favourite Annapurna Interactive release on iOS?