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‘Four Last Things’ Spiritual Successor ‘The Procession to Calvary’ Hits Desktop April 9th with Mobile Versions in the Works

Back in 2016 developer Joe Richardson submitted a game to Game Jolt’s Adventure Jam called Four Last Things, which took famous Renaissance Era paintings and public domain classical music and repurposed them into a humorous, Monty Python-esque point-and-click adventure game. The game jam submission was fleshed out into a full-fledged release thanks to fan support via a successful Kickstarter campaign, and it was released on Steam in early 2017. About a year later Four Last Things was released for mobile and we enjoyed that version quite a bit in our review from back then. Now after another successful Kickstarter about a year and a half ago, a spiritual successor was put into motion called The Procession to Calvary. If you enjoyed everything about Four Last Things and were craving more of it, that appears to be exactly what this will deliver. Check out the trailer.

The Procession to Calvary is described as a spiritual successor instead of a sequel because, while it does take place in the same universe as Four Last Things, it’s a totally independent story and you don’t have to have played Four Last Things to understand or enjoy this game. It will also contain a feature called “Optional Murder" which will allow you to use your sword to instantly kill people in the game as a way of bypassing certain puzzles. However, you can’t just go around murdering all willy nilly without there being some sort of consequences. It sounds like yet another really entertaining experience from this clever developer, and if you’re a PC gamer type you can actually get your hands on The Procession to Calvary when it launches on desktop April 9th. A mobile version will follow “shortly after" though, and we’ll give you a heads up when the date for that is announced.