GameClub Expands Family Sharing to 12 Members Per Subscription and Announces a TON of Games Coming this Spring

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Following the service’s official launch back in October, GameClub has been firing on all cylinders since and has just announced some major news heading into spring. With so many people stuck at home in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, GameClub has just upped the number of people that can utilize their Family Sharing feature to 12 people. This is actually independent from Apple’s Family Sharing through the App Store and uses your GameClub email to allow up to 12 different devices to access the full GameClub service using just one monthly subscription. It’s actually incredibly simple and you can find the full instructions on how to do it right here. With access to now more than 100 fully premium classic mobile games with no ads or in-app purchases, the $4.99 per month subscription was already a steal, but the fact that you can share it with so many devices in your family now makes it a downright ridiculous value.

Speaking of that library of more than 100 games, GameClub has also announced their slate of new titles they’ll be releasing this spring:


  • Aralon: Sword and Shadow – An epic Skyrim-esque RPG featuring multiple playable races and classes, an extensive crafting system, and tons of quests.
  • Neon Shadow – An action-packed first-person shooter in the spirit of the PC classics, reimagined for a new generation of mobile gamers.
  • Stellar Wars – The final entry in the Wars trilogy takes place in a distant sci-fi future, delivering its classic take on supremely strategic gameplay with even more possibilities.
  • Bardbarian – Recruit companions and fight hordes of enemies in this fun blend of shooter, castle defense, and role-playing game with a great sense of humor.
  • The Big Journey – This family-friendly platformer features a cast of adorable kittens and loads of unique worlds while offering challenges for any level of gamer.
  • Bridgy Jones – This fantastic physics-based bridge construction puzzler with visual flair lets you build rickety structures that will (hopefully!) survive a train crossing.
  • Circa Infinity – Work through intensely difficult levels to see how deep into the circle you can descend in this highly stylized 2D game with the feel of Super Mario Galaxy.
  • Swap This! – A hit on Nintendo Switch, this twist on matching games lets you swap cubes to create monumental chain reactions.
  • Toki Tori – One of the all-time best puzzle platformers, this highly requested fan favorite is reborn for mobile with the Nintendo Switch version’s high-resolution graphics.

While subscription gaming has been a divisive subject over the past year or so, it’s really hard to argue with just how many great games you get access to through GameClub, all updated for modern devices, for the $4.99 per month subscription fee. What really sends things over the top though is GameClub’s commitment to previous owners of any of the titles in their library. That means if you previously owned any game that’s now part of GameClub, you’re entitled to the updated version for free, whether you’re a subscriber or not. Many times it’s just as simple as going through the in-game prompts so the updated game can recognize your previous purchase, and other times you’ll need to reach out to GameClub support so they can manually unlock the game for you, but either way it’s kind of amazing to see how many games they’ve updated for people even if they’re not their customers.

If you aren’t a previous owner of any of these games or you just want to check out the service for the other games in their library that you didn’t own before, your best bet is to download the GameClub app which is the gateway into everything they have to offer. You can trial any of the games for free and the app itself is loaded with excellent content from historical perspectives, reviews, tips and tricks articles, and tons more, most of which has been penned by our very own Shaun Musgrave. If we’re going to be stuck inside there’s probably no better way to fill your plate with games to play than checking out GameClub.

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