Orangepixel’s ‘Snake Core’ Is Available Now on iOS with Pre-Registrations for the Android Version Now Live

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Earlier this month, we wrote about Snake Core ($2.99) from Orangepixel that blends the classic Snake gameplay with action packed mission based gameplay. Your aim in Snake Core is to command an army of soldiers to attack aliens and defend specific locations on a level. You can upgrade and unlock more units across the different missions in Snake Core. It is playable in portrait and landscape. Watch the trailer for Snake Core below:

Snake Core was close to release earlier this month as revealed in our forum thread for the game. It is now available on the App Store for $2.99 as a premium release. If you’re interested in playing it on Android, you can pre-register for it here. It is also coming to PC platforms via Steam. Check out the Steam page for Snake Core here and the official website here. It is pretty wild that Orangepixel has put out so many games in the past years. Snake Core takes plce in between Groundskeeper and Ashworld. What is your favourite Orangepixel game?

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    + Playable in Landscape AND Portrait mode! + Different control schemes (see Options menu) Snake Core is an Arcade game …
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