Apple Arcade Puzzler ‘Down in Bermuda’ Expands with New Shipwreck Island Update

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I feel like for the past several years all we really knew of developer Yak & Co. was their stylish adventure game Agent A: A Puzzle in Disguise. And that’s because, well, it took them about five years to finish the episodic game and so that’s really the only thing we’ve had to judge from them anyway. Given how excellent Agent A is though, I’ve certainly caught myself wondering what else the obviously talented studio could be capable of. With Agent A in the rear view mirror as of last summer, the runway was set for them to launch their brand new project, and this time around it was going to be part of Apple’s new subscription gaming service Apple Arcade. The new game was called Down in Bermuda, and it launched alongside Apple Arcade this past September.

As you can see from that trailer, Down in Bermuda is an isometric-style puzzle adventure where you play as a pilot named Milton who, as so many others famously have, finds himself lost in the Bermuda Triangle. The game initially launched with three distinct islands to explore, and one of the best parts about Down in Bermuda was the variety of puzzle types that were there for you to solve as you progressed through the adventure. Coupled with the high level of style and polish that we’ve come to expect from Yak & Co. and Down in Bermuda was and is one of the standout titles on Apple Arcade. Really our only criticism of it was that with just three islands the whole experience was rather short. Well Yak & Co. has made a big step in addressing that criticism with a new expansion that has recently been released which adds an entire new island to explore called Shipwreck Island. Check it out.

Shipwreck Island is described as “a stormy archipelago filled with hidden pirate treasure troves, strange Mer-people and a giant Kraken to overcome" and it seems like it’ll fit right in with the existing islands in Down in Bermuda. Along with the new island Yak & Co. says that they’ve also made some major improvements to the touch controls in the game based on player feedback, and although that wasn’t a huge concern for us in our own review we’ve definitely heard some complaints in regards to that from players in our forums. So good on them for addressing that. As we have mentioned before, Down in Bermuda is designed in a way that new islands can be easily added whenever, and with how excellent this Shipwreck Island has turned out hopefully there will be even more new islands waiting for us in the future.

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