The Fifth and Final Chapter for ‘Agent A: A Puzzle In Disguise’ Is Finally Available On iOS and Android Through a Free Update

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Agent A: A Puzzle in Disguise ($5.99) has had quite the journey through multiple updates over the years and now arriving on many more platforms. We really liked Agent A: A Puzzle in Disguise a lot when it debuted in 2015. Yak & Co. then announced that three additional chapters would be released for the game for free, with Chapter 3 “Ruby’s Trap" arriving in December of 2016 and Chapter 4 “A Narrow Escape" arriving in December of 2017. Episode 5 which is the final episode, has finally launched on the App Store and Google Play. Watch the trailer for the complete release below:

Yak & Co. brought the complete adventure to PC and consoles as well yesterday and that caused a delay for the mobile version. The console and PC versions have launched complete with all chapters and the existing iOS and Android versions have been updated with Chapter 5 for free. Chapter 5: The Final Blow is now available through a free update on iOS and Android. The update also brings more than 20 new achievements. Have you been playing this since it launched a few years ago or were you waiting for the adventure to be complete before jumping in?

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