Square Enix Updates ‘Chaos Rings III’ for the First Time in Nearly Four Years with iOS 13 Support and Display Issue Fixes

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Chaos Rings III ($19.99) has sadly been the last entry in Square Enix’s incredibly enjoyable Chaos Rings series, which shockingly started out as a brand new IP created exclusively for mobile with the release of the original game way back in 2010. Even back then you didn’t see big companies investing heavily into original premium content for mobile, but in the case of the Chaos Rings series it resulted in four distinct entries that included some of the best made-for-mobile RPG’ing ever produced, and by all accounts the series on the whole was quite successful. And being that Chaos Rings III is the last entry in the series, it’s also by far the most ambitious and the one that goes off the most in a lot of different directions while somehow still managing to abide by the mold of what a typical Chaos Rings game is.

I won’t go too much into detail here as I think Shaun’s hands-on preview from when Chaos Rings III first launched in Japan back in October of 2014, as well as his full review from when the game launched in English in the summer of 2015 should give you FAR more information than I ever could if you’re completely lost as to what a Chaos Rings III is. For those who are already familiar with the game though, you’re probably also familiar with just how infrequently it has been updated in the half-decade since its release, and with how notoriously bad Square Enix has been in the past in regards to updating existing games in their library. I actually think they’ve done a much better job with that in recent times, and even though it can take a LONG time for it to come they DO usually end up fixing any problems that crop up with their games. The latest example of this is a new update for Chaos Rings III which adds support for iOS 13 and fixes the display issue problems people had been having.

Now, the last time Chaos Rings III had been updated was way back in August of 2016, well before any of the full screen iOS devices were released. So with a brand new update you may also be wondering if the game now supports those full screen devices. The answer is… sort of. Like some of Square Enix’s other updated titles, Chaos Rings III now sports some decorative borders to fill in the extra screen real estate of full screen devices. It’s not as ideal as the whole game being proper full screen, but the border art is totally unobtrusive and more importantly the touch controls can now extend into that bordered area which is my main issue with unoptimized games. So all in all this is a very welcome update if you were among those having issues playing Chaos Rings III on current iOS devices and operating systems. Now if Squeenix REALLY wanted to make my dreams come true they’d bring back the other three Chaos Rings games, and dare I say it, release a Chaos Rings 4, but for now I’ll take what I can get.


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