‘Final Fantasy III’ on iPhone and iPad Just Got a Major Update and Both Versions Are 50% Off for a Limited Time

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Square Enix brought Final Fantasy III on iPhone ($14.99) and eventually iPad ($14.99) to iOS a long time ago and it remains one of the few ports from the company to have different iPad and iPhone versions. Today, Square Enix updated the game on iOS, Android, and Steam with loads of new features and improvements. These range from modern device screen size support to quality of life improvements and extra content. Barring support for iPhone X and iPad Pro screen sizes, Final Fantasy III now has a gallery mode, a new opening cutscene, auto battle options, a faster mode, and a soundtrack player. Watch a trailer for the update below:

The new gallery mode lets you view posters, promotional art, job designs, concept art, and more. This gallery also has the music player that lets you listen to the soundtrack. I’m very surprised to see this update because there are so many mobile ports from Square Enix that haven’t been fixed yet like Chrono Trigger. If you’ve been wanting to play Final Fantasy III on iPhone or iPad, both versions are 50% off until March 2nd. These are different apps and not a universal build so you will have to buy them both if you want native versions on iPhone and iPad. You can use the iPhone version on iPad though. Check out our original review of Final Fantasy III here.


    Final Fantasy III -- now on iPhone! When darkness falls and the land is robbed of light, four youths are chosen by the …
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    FINAL FANTASY III -- now on iPad! When darkness falls and the land is robbed of light, four youths are chosen by the cr…
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