Multiplayer-Centric Platformer ‘Crossy Road Castle’ Now Available on Apple Arcade

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Pretty much everything involving the release cycle of Apple Arcade games has been anything but typical. The vast bulk of the service’s offerings had all been at least announced in name well before the service even launched, and in the weeks following Apple Arcade’s official launch back in September it seems like any new games that get added to the service are ones that have been previously announced or ones that nobody has ever heard of before. However, developer Hipster Whale has probably what you could call the most “normal" release cycle of an Apple Arcade game yet. They announced their new game for the service, Crossy Road Castle, back in October of last year, several weeks after Apple Arcade was already live. But we really didn’t know when the game would be launching. Even stranger was that just a couple of weeks ago, Hipster Whale released a new teaser trailer for Crossy Road Castle, which you can see below.

The new teaser’s release led a lot of people to believe that the game would also be Apple Arcade’s new game that week, since the service has pretty consistently released one new game per week since it started. Except Crossy Road Castle wasn’t that week’s release, and to make things even more confusing last week there simply wasn’t a new game released for Apple Arcade at all. While there may be no rhyme or reason to Apple’s release strategy with Apple Arcade games anymore, bolstered by the fact that this is showing up about a day earlier than new Apple Arcade games normally do, it does appear that Crossy Road Castle is finally officially live in the service as of today. It offers endless procedurally generated platforming levels to complete, which can be played solo but were really designed with up to 4 players in mind, and the game will actually dynamically generate each level based on how many people are playing. You can find it on the App Store with the link below, and join in on the discussion about the game in our forums.

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