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Surreal Puzzle Adventure ‘Path to Mnemosyne’ is Coming to iOS and Android March 11th

Back in the fall of 2018 developer DevilishGames released a surreal adventure game with an incredibly unique grayscale visual style called Path to Mnemosyne onto Steam. The game was more or less a third-person adventure where you had the ability to move forwards and backwards through an “infinite" path, solving puzzles along the way. This is meant to represent exploring a mind and recovering memories, and Path of Mnemosyne even contained the following mature content warning: “Path to Mnemosyne is not a violent game nor does it contain sexual scenes, but it’s designed to play with the user’s senses and cause discomfort so it may not be suitable for all types of people." That is the sort of thing that really piques my interest. You can see just how this unique gameplay works in the launch trailer for the Steam version below.

Pretty crazy stuff. Anyway, following successful launches on both PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch last year, DevilishGames have partnered up with our old pals at Crescent Moon Games to release Path to Mnemosyne on both iOS and Android. The iOS version is currently available for pre-order on the App Store and is listed at a price of $4.99 with an expected release date of March 11th. Path to Mnemosyne certainly seems like the sort of game that will be a perfect fit for the touchscreen, and its intriguing look and premise has me really excited to check it out when it launches in a few weeks. Until that time you can also chat about this one over in our forums.