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‘Repulsive’ is a Modern Take on ‘720º’ with Hoverboards, Coming March 20th and Available for Pre-Order Now

After releasing their excellent Crossy Road-like dungeon crawler Skeletomb (Free) way back in 2015, developer Punk Labs graced us with two more winners in subsequent years. There was the crazy wavelength matching game Kerflux (Free) in 2016 and the equally crazy if not crazier Raster Prime ($2.99) in 2017. Since then though it’s been crickets city from this promising studio. So I was both surprised and elated to learn today that Punk Labs has a new project coming out really soon, and it looks like those few years of silence were actually spent with their heads down working on what appears to be their most ambitious game yet. It’s called Repulsive and it’s their take on a skateboarding game but in a dystopian future where hoverboards have taken over for their wheeled predecessors and where “resist an omnipresent surveillance state" is counted among your many available activities. Check out the trailer.

If you watched that trailer and instantly thought of the classic arcade skating game 720º then you are not alone. The entire vibe of the game, from the similar camera perspective to how the city is built with skateable objects all over the place, totally gave me a 720º vibe too. What’s cool is that there will be all sorts of hidden challenges spread throughout the city which will also piece together a cohesive story, but if you just don’t care about any of that you are free to just roam around and practice your skating to your heart’s content. Repulsive is designed to be a super chill game. There’s also a bunch of unlockable characters, and if that sounds scary to you, rest assured that Repulsive will be a premium game with no ads or IAP. It’ll be $4.99 and is set to launch on March 20th, and is available for pre-order right now if you like to be on top of things, and there’s a discussion thread in our forums if you want to talk about how awesome this looks with other excited human beings.