‘Dragon Quest of The Stars’ from Square Enix Is Now Available Worldwide with Servers Going Live Tomorrow

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Last year, Square Enix announced plans to bring Dragon Quest of The Stars (Free) worldwide. Dragon Quest of The Stars is a free to play Dragon Quest experience for iOS and Android that launched in Japan back in 2015. The game has a turn based battle system with skill gauges and supports multiplayer with up to four players in total. Square Enix has been saying the game will launch on February 25th but it is available for download now on both iOS and Android. Servers will be going live sometime on February 25th though. Check out the official English website for it here. Hopefully this game lasts longer than some of the other free to play games from Square Enix in the West. Watch the trailer for it below:

Dragon Quest of The Stars also includes an optional paid monthly subscription called the Star Pass. This includes various in game items like a Star Pass Lucky Chest Draw, stamina refills once per day, 30 more Luck when the pass is active, and more. The downside to this is that auto battle and turbo mode are locked behind this paid monthly subscription that costs $8.99 going by the App Store listing. What makes this worse is that paying subscribers get exclusive in app purchases as well in the form of the eligibility to buy Star Pass Gem Packs that cost $9.99. Subscribers can buy these twice. There are other in app purchases as well like different kinds of Gems. If you’re interested in checking it out, Dragon Quest of The Stars is available on iOS and Android for free. Did you play the original Japanese release?


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