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Flout the Rules of Flying Vehicles when ‘Cyber Drive’ Launches on March 10th

For the better part of a century, whenever someone talks about “the future" it inevitably involves everyone owning flying cars. We’ve all seen the scene before: Everyone flying in perfectly straight lines in the sky mimicking the roads and highways of traffic that we’ve grown accustomed to down here on Earth. I’ve always wondered how, in such a scenario, you keep everyone to stay in line like that? On the ground the terrain dictates where our vehicles can go, and roads were created to keep everyone on those designated paths. It behooves us, both legally and from a safety perspective, to stick to those roads, for the most part. But in the sky? It’s nothing but wide open space. If you’re sitting in a traffic jam of flying vehicles, what is to stop you from just getting out of line and flying past everyone else? That’s basically the premise behind Cyber Drive, a game where you’re driving a flying car and suddenly decide you don’t want to play by the rules anymore and instead you find your own (very dangerous) shortcut down to the ground below. Check out the trailer.

Now obviously if everyone in their flying cars decided to behave this way chaos would ensue. Chaos I tell you! And I’m also fully aware that this is more or less a take on the tunnel runner style of games that have proven popular on mobile for at least a decade now. But to be honest, I love the premise of diving down through all the traffic, which puts a spin on the normal tunnel runner formula, and I really love the overall look and vibe of Cyber Drive. Plus it’s been a while since I’ve “dove" into one of these games (pun very intended), so I’m actually quite excited to check this one out. Cyber Drive will be released on March 10th and is available for pre-order right now so be sure to check it out when it hits next month.