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Bumper Boat Battler ‘Tubetastic: World Splashfest’ Coming to Mobile with Cross-Platform Multiplayer

Developer Chris Goodwin aka Super Goodwin released the criminally underrated Gnome Dash: Rise of the Trolls (Free) back in 2016. Now after putting out a couple of Facebook Messenger games in the time since, Goodwin is returning to mobile with a new game called Tubetastic: World Splashfest. Well technically Tubetastic isn’t just a mobile game and has been available on Steam in Early Access for about nine months now. But the official version 1.0 release is fast approaching, and with it will come a mobile release with full cross-platform multiplayer support. Which is a good thing, because at its heart Tubetastic is a multiplayer battling game inspired by the rousing couch multiplayer games we played growing up. It’s a top-down shooter of sorts except that you’re in a pool on an inflatable tube with wacky bouncy physics. Not only can you play to be the last one surviving, but you can also play cooperatively to take down waves of enemies. There’s even more to it than that, as explained in both the over-the-top obnoxious first trailer embedded just below or the smooth and sultry trailer just under it. I couldn’t decide which one I liked better so here’s both of them!

One of the big features of Tubetastic is something they call “mutator pool rules" which allow you to alter various parameters of the game like making the tubes extra bouncy, increasing the speed, one-hit kills, and more. There are also more than 10 different characters to choose that each have unique attributes and abilities, and the overall vibe of the game is pretty outrageous. Super Goodwin is pegging early March for the version 1.0 release, but ahead of then would like to get a little feedback on the mobile version of Tubetastic. If you’re interested in checking it out, there is a link to the Testflight version posted in our forums, but there’s a limited amount of spots so you better be quick. Otherwise look for the official release of Tubetastic: World Splashfest on both desktop and mobile sometime next month.