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Color-Based Puzzle Platformer ‘Hue’ is Coming to iOS and Android in April

A few years back in August of 2016, a clever puzzle platformer called Hue was released on consoles and PC. Developed by a studio called Fiddlesticks, Hue featured levels with elements that were made up of the 6 primary and secondary colors, and as the player you possessed the power to change the background to any of those colors on a whim. If you’d change the background to match the color of an object, that object would then blend into the background and essentially disappear, and this is the basic mechanic in which the game’s puzzles are all built around. Hue was quite well-received when it released, and a few months later it made its way to PlayStation Vita and then on to the Nintendo Switch in June of last year. And now completing that Platform Circle of Life release method, fellow mobile gaming outlet Touch Tap Play has learned that Hue will be making its way to both iOS and Android this spring. Check out the mobile trailer to see exactly what Hue is all about.

Currently you can pre-order the iOS version of Hue on the App Store here, and pre-register for the Android version on Google Play here. The expected release date is April 23rd, but strangely the YouTube description for the above trailer mentions Q3 of 2020. Hopefully the April release date is the correct one as I’m itching to check out Hue for myself. Also strange is that the pre-order is free, and there’s no mention of in-app purchases in the listing. Is this some strange pre-order freebie promotion? Or perhaps it will be free with a full game unlock IAP that just isn’t listed yet? I don’t really know the answers to that, but if you’re keen on picking up Hue anyway there’s probably no harm in pre-ordering the game for free ahead of its launch (hopefully) this April.

[Via Touch Tap Play]