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Idle Factory Management Game ‘Sandship’ from ‘Deep Town’ Developer Rockbite Chosen for PAX East 2020 Indie Showcase

Back in the spring of 2017, Rockbite Games released an idle mining game called Deep Town (Free) to the App Store, which has gone on to generate a passionate fanbase these last few years and is still receiving frequent updates today. What I was not aware of is that for the past couple of years Rockbite has been working on a new project called Sandship. I guess I had my head buried in the *sand* on that one, eh? Ahem. So anyway, Sandship has a similar idle progression system to Deep Town but here you are manning a massive roving ship and outfitting it with all the different equipment you’ll need to essentially rebuild civilization after a massive disaster occurs. Here is last summer’s reveal trailer showing what Sandship will look like in action.

Sandship resembles a popular game which has been in Early Access on Steam for the past several years called Factorio, and indeed it does seem that Rockbite drew inspiration from there. Which is no bad thing because a mobile Factorio-like could be a free time-gobbling prospect. Sandship has also already seen some recognition even prior to its release, as it’ll be on display as one of the selected games for the 2020 Indie Showcase at PAX East later this month. Be sure to drop by and give Rockbite a shout if you’ll be attending the show. No firm release date has been revealed just yet, but Sandship is said to be in its final stage of development so hopefully it won’t be too much longer until we can all get sucked into this promising looking game. And if you have about 90 minutes to kill, Rockbite recently did a livestream Q&A answering questions and showing off the current state of Sandship, and you can check out the archive of it here.