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‘Pokemon Home’ Pricing and Launch Features Announced for iOS, Android, and Nintendo Switch

The Pokemon Company just anounced details for Pokemon Home which is a cloud service for Nintendo Switch and mobile devices. It is supposed to be the next generation version of Pokemon Bank letting players bring their Pokemon across games. This was revealed a while ago and The Pokemon Company has only just announced pricing and availability details for the service. Once you link your Nintendo Account to the mobile and Nintendo Switch version of Pokemon Home, you will be able to access the same Pokemon Boxes. While there is a free plabn, it is worth noting that there are some features that are only available in the Premium Plan for Pokemon Home.

The iOS and Android version of Pokemon Home will let you trade Pokemon through the Wonder Box, Global Trade System (GTS), Room Trade, and Friend Trade. The Premium Plan for Pokemon Home is priced at $2.99 for one month, $4.99 for three months, and $15.99 for a year. The Premium Plan supports moving from Pokemon Bank, 6000 Pokemon vs 30 in the free plan, and more. The Judge Function is only in the Premium Plan. It also worth noting that there are some features only available in the Switch app and others only in the mobile app.

Wonder Box is limited to 3 Pokemon in the free plan while Premium Plan subscribers can place up to 10 Pokemon. For GTS, free members can place 1 Pokemon while Premium Plan members can place up to 3 Pokemon. Pokemon Home launches in February for iOS, Android, and Nintendo Switch. The paid premium plan will be available on the eShop for Nintendo Switch and on iOS and Android devices as well. Check out the official website here. Will you be using the Premium Plan?