New Language Support and a New Game+ Mode Heading to Outstanding Action Game ‘Grimvalor’, Beta Testers Needed

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When it was first announced in July of 2018 that the folks responsible for such hits as Soosiz and Swordigo were teaming up with some additional friends to create a new studio called Direlight and produce a Dark Souls-inspired action game for mobile called Grimvalor ($6.99), it would be a huge understatement to say that we were excited. We were through the moon! As these types of things go it can be easy to get caught up in the hype cycle for a game like Grimvalor, only to see it not live up to those high expectations upon release. Thankfully that wasn’t the case, as Grimvalor was just as awesome as we hoped it would be. We gave it 5 stars in our original review, picked it as our Game of the Week, and even chose it as a runner-up for Game of the Year 2018.

So Grimvalor is awesome, that much is clear, and it featured a ton of challenging content to play through. But hungry gamers who have chewed Grimvalor up and spit it out by now are always wondering what’s next. This week Direlight announced in our forums that they’re working on a huge update for Grimvalor, with the marquee feature being a New Game+ mode. While they don’t go into TOO much detail as to what this new mode will entail, they do say that it will include “some surprises and even more challenge." MORE challenge!? Yikes. The other big part of this update will be a bunch of additional language support, including Chinese (Simplified), Japanese, Portuguese, German, Spanish, Italian, French, and Russian.

Now here’s the really exciting part. Direlight is looking for some testers to check out all of these new localizations and help give them some final polish, so if you speak any of the languages mentioned above and want to help test out the localization work, head over to our forums to find the contact email for Direlight and shoot them a message to let them know you’re interested. As a bonus, these test versions of Grimvalor will also include the new New Game+ mode, so you’ll have a chance to be among the first to check that out too. And with Direlight launching Grimvalor on Android last summer, I would imagine that these improvements will be making their way over to that platform eventually too, though right now it looks like they’re only running tests for iOS players.

If you’re interested in all of this, hit them up about becoming a tester and we’ll let everyone know when this exciting new update will be officially arriving for Grimvalor.

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