Blizzard Just Revealed the Release Date for Hearthstone’s Galakrond’s Awakening Solo Adventure with Pre-Orders Now Live

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Over the last few weeks, I’ve been playing Hearthstone (Free) on iPhone more than iPad since the iPad crash bug hasn’t been fixed yet. This finally got me used to how it plays on iPhone. I still hope to play the new solo stuff on iPad and Battlegrounds once a patch arrives which will likely be for the new solo adventure. Today, Blizzard just revealed the release date the new solo adventure for Hearthstone, ‘Galakrond’s Awakening’ which they announced a little while ago. Galakrond’s Awakening is spread out across four chapters and features players using decks to take on bosses to earn new cards just like in the old Hearthstone days. The new cards range from the likes of The Amazing Reno to Chaos Gazer and Dark Prophecy. Heroic mode is also included and will be unlocked after a chapter is completed. Clearing Heroic mode nets you two card backs. Watch the trailer for the adventure below:

The Year of the Dragon’s solo adventure arc comes to an end with Galakrond’s Awakening that begins on January 21st on iOS, Android, and PC. This solo adventure that brings in 35 new cards and more will be rolling out in four chapters beginning January 21st. The remaining chapters release on January 28th, February 4th, and February 11th. You can now pre purchase Galakrond’s Awakening on for $19.99. The iOS pre-purchase will go live when an update is pushed I assume. Have you been playing Hearthstone regularly or did the Battlegrounds mode get you back to trying it again?

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