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‘River Raid’ Inspired Shooter ‘Bridge Strike’ Now Available for Pre-Order

Back in October we checked out a game called Bridge Strike from developer Project R3D, a modernized take on the classic Atari shoot ’em up River Raid. It took the core elements of River Raid, namely controlling your speed and bombing bridges, and stuck them inside a game with some absolutely wonderful pixel art and effects. I really adored how the game was shaping up, but unfortunately Project R3D didn’t have a firm idea of when Bridge Strike would be released, though they were getting close to kicking off a closed beta test. Well over this past week the developers started sending out a beta build to those who have signed up to test, and alongside that they’ve put Bridge Strike up for pre-order on the App Store with a tentative release date of February 5th.

So far it seems like the early testers have good things to say about Bridge Strike, and while it’s not totally clear how many beta testers Project R3D is looking for right now it couldn’t hurt to register your interest in the game over in our forums in case they have more spots to fill. Otherwise it looks like we’ll be able to get our hands on Bridge Strike in early February if all goes according to plan.