Surreal Action Puzzler ‘Figment: Journey Into the Mind’ is Now Available for iOS

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Having received numerous accolades for its Steam and console versions, Bedtime Digital has now brought Figment: Journey Into the Mind (Free) to iOS.

Based in a beautifully hand drawn, dream-like world that represents the human mind, Figment explores psychological themes with a mix of puzzle and action gameplay. You’ll find yourself placed in the role of Dusty, the mind’s former voice of courage. After a long period of peace and idle tranquillity, the mind has suddenly started having unsettling thoughts which manifest themselves as nightmarish monsters.

With the peace and calm you once enjoyed now broken, you must guide Dusty through the mind to try and overcome the fearful thoughts that now blight your surroundings. With the aid of your feathered companion Piper, you’ll explore two distinct regions representing the left and right side of the brain.

The left side of the brain is known as Clockwork Town, and much like the name suggests, you’ll find yourself challenged by numerous intricate puzzles that require a considered and careful approach to solve them. Meanwhile, the right side of the brain is a place called Freedom Isles, where you’ll need to improvise and think creatively to overcome its unique set of obstacles.

The sense of imagination that Figment displays is truly inspiring, with its off-kilter visuals, animations and audio design perfectly packaged into an impressive offering. It’s an absolute must for fans of high-concept games and fun adventure puzzlers.

Figment: Journey Into the Mind is now available for iOS at $4.99. You can also give the first two chapters a try for free.


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