‘Out There: Omega Edition’ on Mobile and PC Is Getting Updated with the Alliance Content That Was Included in the Nintendo Switch Version

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Out There: Omega Edition ($4.99) from Mi-Clos Studios released on Nintendo Switch as Out There: Omega The Alliance which included exclusive content. This content will now be coming to mobile and PC very soon. While the game originally released on iOS as Out There, Mi-Clos Studio’s popular release got updated to the Omega Edition a while ago that added loads of new features and content. On Nintendo Switch, the exclusive Alliance content includes three new spaceships, 30 new interactive stories, new 3D environments, new Cocoon tech, and a new ending. Watch the trailer for the Nintendo Switch version below:

Today, Mi-Clos Studio announced that PC and mobile will be getting all of this Nintendo Switch exclusive content in an update called the Alliance update. This is planned for release in January 2020 for free. Mi-Clos Studio says the update needs a lot of QA as it has been migrated to a newer version of Unity for all platforms. If you’ve not played Out There: Omega Edition from Mi-Clos Studio yet, you can get it on the App Store. Have you played Out There yet on any platform yet?

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