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Premium Anime-Inspired Run and Gun Shooter ‘Star Titan’ Launches on iOS and Android Next Week

As someone who grew up playing the likes of Metal Slug, Contra, and Gunstar Heroes, I’m a pretty massive fan of run and gun shooters. I mean platformers are my all-time favorite genre, and these are very similar to platformers but with, like, WAY more guns. For as fun and popular as the genre is, there aren’t a whole ton of these types of games on mobile, despite it being a pretty good fit for the touchscreen. Well developer Dark Pyre Interactive is hoping to change that when their new run and gun shooter Star Titan launches next week. The story is inspired by the mech-filled anime of the ’80s and ’90s and more or less boils down to the common man (and alien) fighting back against the militaristic regime that’s trying to take over the world. How do they fight back? By building giant bad ass mechs, of course. The Star Titan story is explained in more detail in the following trailer.

As you can see, Star Titan is a 2.5D game where the visuals are all in 3D but the gameplay takes place on a side-scrolling 2D plane. You’ll have your choice of two different playable mechs: Phoenix who is smaller, lighter, and faster but doesn’t deal as much damage; and Behemoth who is slower but can dish out and take a ton of damage. Play well and you can earn credits to upgrade your mech’s arsenal and abilities, as well as unlock some alternate cosmetic skins. If this sort of things scares you because it sounds like what a free to play game would do, fear not, as Star Titan will be a premium release and cost just $1.99. Look for it on both iOS and Android a week from today on November 14th.