MomentSQ Is a Game Platform for Interactive Stories Now Available Featuring an Adaptation of the Excellent Anime ‘Aggretsuko’

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While most people get their official anime fix through the likes of CrunchyRoll for streaming and through retail releases from Sentai Filmworks, Netflix has slowly been bringing anime to more countries in the world where the other services have licensing issues and region lock things. My Netflix subscription paid for itself when I watched Devilman Crybaby and then Kakegurui but another anime on the service was very interesting. Aggretsuko is about Retsuko who is a 25 year old panda working in an accounting office. Retsuko spends time doing death metal karaoke after work and the show has quite the cast of characters. MomentSQ ($49.99) which is a new interactive story platform on iOS is launching with an adaptation of Aggretsuko.

This official Aggretsuko game which is an interactive story adaption in MomentSQ will let fans interact with characters from the show and get to experience the grind through said characters from the show like Gori, Washimi, and more. You might even get to discuss Protein. The aim in this game is to improve friendship with characters through multiple choices. MomentSQ launches with Aggretsuko but more games are planned from original IP and licensed ones. If you want to try out MomentSQ right now, download it on the App Store here. Aggretsuko through MomentSQ will also launch on Android, Switch, and PC platforms in the future. Check out the official website here.

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