New Apple Arcade Game Releases: ‘Fallen Knight’, ‘Tales of Memo’, ‘Yaga the Roleplaying Folktale’, ‘Lifelike’, and ‘Hogwash’

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Well it seems like Apple has finally fallen into a pattern, beginning roughly a couple weeks after the initial launch on September 19th they’re now consistently releasing a batch of new games for Apple Arcade on Fridays of each new week. The kind of cool thing about this is that it’s fun to be surprised each week with new games, and so far there’s been a mixture of both previously announced stuff as well as games that are true surprises to everyone. They’ve come in batches of 4 or 5 new games each week, so it’ll be interesting to see if Apple will be able to continue this cadence of releases and how many additional secret games they have up their sleeves. Will we just keep getting a handful of new Apple Arcade games each week… forever? Who knows! For now though check out this week’s 5 new Apple Arcade releases:

Fallen Knight, – [Forum Thread] – Fallen Knight comes from developer Fairplay Studios and it’s an action platformer set in the far future where you’re playing as a direct descendent of Sir Lancelot, the legendary Knight of the Round Table. Specifically you’re Lancelot the 50th! As such there’s plenty of hack ‘n slash swordplay in Fallen Knight, and it features a cool Parry system where you’re able to disarm your opponents in lieu of hacking and slashing them to pieces (if that’s more your thing).

Hogwash, – [Forum Thread] – Another new game out on Apple Arcade this week is Hogwash, a game from Bossa Studios that’s literally about washing hogs. One part of the game has you running around as a hog and creating mud puddles which you then roll around in. Once you’re good and muddy you’ll run around shaking that mud off and messing up all of the farmer’s prized possessions, the livestock, and even the family farm house. The other part of the game is playing as a farm hand with a water house and trying to prevent the pigs from muddying up the joint by spraying them down.

Lifelike: Chapter One, – [Forum Thread] – Kunabi Brother joined today’s Apple Arcade lineup with their new game Lifelike. This one gives off a strong vibe of their previous game FROST where you’d direct swarms of particles into target areas to solve various types of puzzles. Lifelike again deals with swarms of particles, but this time around they are much more complex and colorful. I haven’t quite determined how much actual “game" is here or if this is simply along the lines of a digital toy or relaxing experience, but one thing I do know is that it’s fun as heck to play around with these beautiful swarms and see what happens.

Tales of Memo, – [Forum Thread] – Tendays Studio dropped their Tales of Memo into Apple Arcade today, and this is something of a puzzle battler built around the classic game of Memory where you uncover cards on a grid one at a time and try to match two of them together, using your memory of which ones you’ve seen to make the matches. I have fond memories of playing the bonus game in Super Mario Bros. 3 that was built around the same mechanic, and I’m surprised I haven’t seen anybody use that base mechanic to build a more fleshed-out game before, but I’m happy that Tendays is taking a stab at it.

Yaga The Roleplaying Folktale, – [Forum Thread] – Rounding out today’s new Apple Arcade releases is Yaga from Romanian developer Breadcrumbs Interactive and publisher Versus Evil. We’ve known about this title for some time and as such have seen trailers of it prior to today’s release, but in case you missed any of that this is a humorous action RPG starring the one-handed blacksmith Ivan. Like Ash from Army of Darkness though, Ivan doesn’t let his one hand be a disability, and instead crafts all sorts of awesome weapons and gear to attach to his arm stub. This one has a really cool art style and an absolutely kick ass soundtrack, and I’m pretty much a fan of any game that lets you battle a giant chicken.

  • Fallen Knight

    Fallen Knight is a futuristic knight’s tale that let’s players play as a descendant of the great Lancelot in King Ar…
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  • Hogwash

    A succulent serving of multiplayer barnyard bedlam, Hogwash is guaranteed to have you squealing with delight! Pitching …
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  • Lifelike: Chapter One

    Made for all ages, Lifelike is a mesmerizing particle symphony from the multiple-award-winning creators behind Blek and …
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  • Yaga The Roleplaying Folktale

    Smash, clobber and bash the murderous legends of Slavic mythology in this darkly funny action role-playing game that cha…
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  • Tales of Memo

    Tales of Memo is a memory game where you accompany Memo and his friends on a journey through a frozen landscape, battlin…
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