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‘Cracked Crusaders’ is a Promising Action Platformer that’s Launching November 5th

I love me some action platforming, and I also love when a game in that genre keeps things relatively straightforward. Sure, having a gazillion skill trees and a dozen attack types can be fun, but there’s something really pure about simply running around, jumping, and slashing. In fact two of my favorite action platformers were born in the mobile world with Sword of Xolan and Goblin Sword, and they adhere to keeping things simple with lots of fun hacking and slashing and some minor upgrade systems just to keep things interesting. I mention these two games because I get a similar vibe from an upcoming action platformer called Cracked Crusaders from developer Webbysoft aka Luke Webster. Check out the trailer for yourself.

Cracked Crusaders stars the shepard named Milton who, upon having his flock of sheep abducted, decides to seek revenge and get his precious sheepies back. Also his sheepdog Holly and his duck friend Dory are pretty ticked off about the whole thing and you can choose to play as any of the three characters you like, though functionally they all play the same and only offer cosmetic differences. Still, I will play as the duck because it’s a duck. Once your hero is chosen you’ll play through 100 different levels and along the way have the chance to collect upgraded equipment and obtain new powers like a double jump. Cracked Crusaders will be free with ads and a one-time IAP to remove them and is scheduled to launch on November 5th, but in the meantime you can check out the game’s official website.