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‘Naboki’ is the New Minimalist Puzzler from the Makers of ‘Klocki’, ‘Push’, and ‘Up Left Out’, Coming November 14th

We’re always interested in seeing what developer Maciej Targoni is up to next, with games like Push, Klocki, and Up Left Out under his belt, he’s something of a master of the minimalist puzzle experience on mobile. And this week Targoni is announcing his latest mobile game, which is another super clean puzzler with interesting mechanics. It’s called Naboki, and it’s described as “A puzzle game about taking things apart." As always with Targoni’s work, this is about as minimal as games can get, with sparing use of color, clean lines, and absolutely no text. You can see Naboki in action for yourself in the following trailer.

If you’re a fan of Maciej Targoni’s work you can look forward to getting your hands on Naboki on November 14th, and if you’re the type who really likes to be ahead of the game you can pre-order it on the iOS App Store right now for the unreasonably low price of just 99¢. The game will also be launching on Android and Steam that same day. If you’re not familiar with his games already, I can recommend any and all of them as they all bring something unique to the puzzle genre and all fit incredibly well on the touchscreen. You should have plenty to keep you busy until Naboki’s arrival a month from now.