Adorable Idle Management Game ‘Disco Zoo’ Gets First Update in Three Years

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Way WAY back in the beginning of 2014 Tiny Tower creators Nimblebit teamed up with Canadian superstars Milkbag Games (aka Matt Rix and Owen Goss) to release a new game called Disco Zoo (Free). What did you do in Disco Zoo? Well it is something of an extremely light zoo management game, but skewing more towards an idle clicker, where you’d jet off to different regions of the world and unlock various animals for your zoo by solving puzzles that basically played like the battles in Battleship. Oh, and there was frequent disco dancing. Disco Zoo never tried to be more than it was, which was a simple game with cute graphics and lots of collectibles, and for that we enjoyed it a lot in our original review. I personally became quite obsessed with Disco Zoo back then, and unlocked basically everything you could unlock in the game and enjoyed every darn minute of it.

There were also fairly regular updates to the game in the year following its release, with another minor content update around this time in 2016, which was actually the last time the game was updated at all. UNTIL NOW! Yes, out of the blue Milkbag Games and Nimblebit have updated Disco Zoo to play nicely with all of Apple’s latest iOS devices and screen sizes. Not only that though, as this update also includes some sweet new features like a Time Machine that lets you travel through time to collect “Timeless" animals, and new hats and items to customize your animals with. There’s also a new cloud saving feature which would have come in REALLY handy had I not already deleted this game some time ago, but hey, I’m kind of excited to play through it all over again and at least my progress will be safe from now on. Also the hidden Funky Bus mini-game (playable by tapping the bus in the Zoo Office parking lot a few times) now awards you coins for playing. To celebrate this update, Milkbag’s Owen Goss actually made a little physical model of one of the update’s new habitats, check out how cool it looks.

There’s a few other small things in this update too, but the big news is that Disco Zoo is now playable on modern devices and since it’s kind of an older title you may have missed out on it before. It’s free to check out so give it a look if you enjoy idle games, cute pixel animals, and disco dancing.

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