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‘Golden Tee Golf’ Launching on iOS and Android October 28th

Even though arcades more or less died out about twenty years ago, there are a few arcade franchises that have endured due to their novelty. One of the biggest has to be the Golden Tee Golf franchise. The use of a trackball to swing your clubs translated super well to the virtual game of golf, making it easy for absolutely anybody to crowd around a Golden Tee machine and play together no matter how familiar they were with video games or even golf in general. Golden Tee has also always had a tremendous competitive aspect with online leaderboards and tournaments, making it more than just a casual hobby for many players. Developer Incredible Technologies has more or less released a new Golden Tee game, and sometimes multiple games, every year for more than twenty years. For some reason though, that strong presence and brand devotion has never resulted in a mobile Golden Tee game. Well that is about to change later this month when Golden Tee Golf officially arrives on iOS and Android on October 28th.

Interestingly, we checked out an extremely early version of a Golden Tee Golf game for mobile way back at GDC in 2015, but this game here looks quite a bit different than that version. I’m not sure if it’s actually a different development altogether or that it’s just changed that much in the nearly 5 years since we saw it, but one thing that’s for sure is that Golden Tee on mobile has been a long time coming. Golden Tee Golf has actually been soft launched in Ireland, the UK, and Canada, so depending where you’re located (or more accurately what regions you have an iTunes account in) you may have checked this one out already. For everybody else though, October 28th will be the official day you can get your hands on Golden Tee Golf for mobile, so mark your calendars.