‘Adrenaline – Speed Rush’, the Challenging Arcade Racer, Makes its Grand Debut on iOS

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Recently released on iOS, Compulsive Entertainment’s Adrenaline (Free) is a fast-paced, tricky racing game that is not for the faint of heart. It’s all about mastering a series of demanding tracks, each with their own unique challenges and hazards.

At launch, there are 9 distinct stages to tackle. These range from hazardous mountainsides to cramped bridges. You’ll split your time between the game’s 2 modes: Career and Quick Race. Completing stages and achieving decent times will earn you cash with which to buy new cosmetics, vehicles, and performance-enhancing upgrades. There are currently 8 different cars to unlock and test your skills with, each with its own particular look and feel.

The difficulty curve here is gradual and fair, starting you out with slower, heavier cars. Before long, you’ll have access to a range of lightning-fast supercars, which can then be used to beat your previous records on the earlier stages. A good deal of the fun comes from topping the developer’s best times and mastering each track, which is easier said than done.

Those looking for an accessible and fast-paced racer should make a quick trip to App Store or Google Play and download Adrenaline for free.


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