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Pixelbite’s Tactical Strategy Game ‘Xenowerk Tactics’ Launching October 10th, New Trailer Released

It was a couple of months ago that Pixelbite Games formally announced Xenowerk Tactics, a real-time strategy spinoff of their excellent Xenowerk top-down shooter, and since Pixelbite releases some of the best mobile games around there was every reason to be excited for this one. What we knew about Xenowerk Tactics at that time was that it’s “A pre-apocalyptic RTS-like, mutant blasting game with exploration and strategy elements" and we had some very lovely screens to go with that description. But what everyone REALLY wants to see is the game in action, right? Well today Pixelbite is obliging with the first trailer for Xenowerk Tactics, check it out.

Not only have they released a trailer though, but they’ve also announced that Xenowerk Tactics is all set to launch on both iOS and Android next week on October 10th. Ah there’s nothing I love more than when a game I’m really looking forward to gets a release date that’s only days (and not weeks or months or YEARS) away. They’ve also revealed that Xenowerk Tactics will be a single-player affair and will be playable offline, and it’ll also be a premium game at a price of $6.99 with no ads or IAP. And if you’re the type that like to be ahead of the curve, you can currently pre-order Xenowerk Tactics on the App Store for iOS here, and pre-register for the game on the Google Play Store for Android here. Look for the very promising Xenowerk Tactics when it arrives next week.