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Square Enix Is Bringing the 2015 Launched Free to Play ‘Dragon Quest of the Stars’ to the West in 2020 and Here’s How You Can Sign Up for the Closed Beta

Back in 2015, Shaun wrote about Dragon Quest of the Stars which was a free to play social RPG planned for iOS and Android devices in Japan. It was eventually downloaded over 20 million times since. Usually, writing about a new Dragon Quest mobile game means I always have to specify that there’s a good chance it might not release outside Japan. Four years later, Dragon Quest of the Stars has been announced for release globally on iOS and Android. It isn’t Dragon Quest Walk but I’m not going to say no to a new Dragon Quest release for the West. Watch the live action trailer for it below:

A closed beta for it has been planned for just Android at the moment. This will be available from October 30th until November 28th and you can sign up for it here. The beta will include customisation, story sequences, and multiplayer. Registration has just gone live for it on the official website. When it launched in 2015, it looked like it was using some elements from the early 3D Dragon Quest games visually. Check it out on Google Play here.

With Dragon Quest Builders 2 on PS4 and Nintendo Switch, Dragon Quest XI S on Nintendo Switch and last year’s release of the vanilla game on PS4 and PC, Square Enix seems to be giving the West another chance at proving Dragon Quest is more than just a phenomenon in Japan. I’m still waiting on the mobile port of Dragon Quest VII that has been available in Japan for a while to see an English release. The 3DS release is long out of print in most places and it is the only entry from the first eight mainline games that isn’t available on English on iOS and Android. Will you be trying Dragon Quest of the Stars when it launches in early 2020?