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Square Enix Just Announced the Release Date for ‘Dragon Quest Walk’ for iOS and Android

A little while ago, Square Enix revealed Dragon Quest Walk as the new mobile experience based on Dragon Quest. At the time, I wasn’t sure if Square Enix was teasing a new port or new RPG for mobile. I did not expect a Pokemon GO like experience. The great thing about most Dragon Quest spinoffs is they retain all the charm from the series. The official trailer for Dragon Quest Walk already makes me like it more than Pokemon GO. Watch it below:

Dragon Quest Walk is location based and will feature various battles and mechanics from the Dragon Quest series. Given how popular Dragon Quest as a brand is in Japan, I expect this to do very well initially for sure. It remains to be seen how it does a few months down the line. You can tap a monster near you to get into battles. There will also be quests based on locations in the real world with a story unfolding each day. Check out two screenshots for it below:

As with most things Dragon Quest related, don’t get excited for a localisation until it is absolutely confirmed. As of now, you can pre-register for Dragon Quest Walk on Google Play or pre-order it on the App Store in Japan. Check out the official website here. Do you want to experience Dragon Quest like Pokemon GO?